The instructors from are dedicated to sharing their years of training and experience to help you become a safer and more responsible pistol owner. The names of both of our instructors are printed and signed on the certificate you will receive upon completion of the course.

Our Instructors qualifications include:

  • Active duty Law Enforcement Officers

  • Combined total of over 50 years of training and experience

  • NY State Certified Firearms Instructors

  • Teach at numerous academies and classrooms throughout NY State to new cadets in Law Enforcement

  • Certify active duty Officers maintaining proficiency levels required by their departments

  • Teach advanced shooting techniques with local SWAT teams and specialized Law Enforcement teams

  • Teach the basic safety courses as well as advanced firearms training for civilians with the desire to learn more

The Instructors that designed this Online Safety Certification Course took their years of experience in formal Law Enforcement Firearms training and combined it with their training received from the NRA and the Military to come up with a comprehensive class that will teach you the basics in handgun safety.


There is a lot to learn when it comes to firearms. Safety must always be 100% when handling guns. Our instructors have plenty of practical experience, including prior military training and current active duty law enforcement range instructors, so you can be sure you are taking a course that was created by experienced and reliable professionals. If at any time you wish to speak directly with one of our firearms instructors email us at The instructors answer the email directly so you can be sure you are getting accurate information in response your questions.