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In New York State, in order to obtain a New York State Pistol Permit, certain counties require you to take a pistol safety course or pistol permit course. These courses will teach you the basics in the safe handling of pistols and revolvers, the functioning of pistols and revolvers, and New York State laws pertaining to handguns and permits. We have created theĀ first online pistol safety course for use with your New York State Pistol Permit/CCW application.

This course is designed to allow you to work at your own pace. It is broken down into 5 sections. Each section advancing at a pace you can control. After each section there will be a short test. Each test question will have been taught in the section prior to the test. Once that test is completed and you answer all of the questions correctly, you will be allowed to move on to the next section. After completing the first 4 sections and answering all of the questions correctly, there will be a review followed by a short Final Test. The 5 sections of this course are:

  1. The 4 Cardinal Rules of Gun Safety.

  2. Nomenclature and functioning of pistols, revolvers, and ammunition.

  3. Loading, unloading, and making your handgun safe and clear

  4. General safety on the range, in your home, while carrying concealed and NYS Laws.

  5. Application and Affidavit Instructions.

After completing this course successfully, you can print your certificate. It will have your name and personal information on it needed when filing for your permit/CCW. If you completed this course and are not filing for your pistol permit or CCW, you can save your certificate to a location on your computer for printing at a later date. If you have any more questions about the course do not hesitate to contact us and speak with an instructor directly. Good luck and safe shooting!